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Bringing more to the table

Real businesses and shareholder value are not created overnight. We believe this requires a level of partnership that involves a commitment to working on relationships.

We ensure a senior member of the FPE Capital team forms a close working relationship with management and shareholders during the investment process and then follows through by sitting on the company’s board. In addition, we always look to introduce a mutually agreed independent Chairman to ensure robust strategic discussion at board level.

Our approach to value creation with our portfolio companies can be split into four principal areas:

  • Management partnerships: we are experienced in assisting existing management to augment their teams with new hires both at the board level and below.
  • Investing for growth: we are very often investing behind new technology and infrastructure to support further material growth – whether behind new products and services or through a wider marketing and distribution capability for the existing business.
  • Expanding market share: we have assisted our portfolio companies in winning significant new customers, international / geographic expansion and through strategic acquisitions to fill product or regional gaps in the business.
  • Strategic positioning: smaller companies need to be carefully positioned for their next investor from an early stage of the investment cycle. We focus from day one of our investment in helping the business to position itself in its market and to refine the strategic focus of the business in the light of the likely buyer universe.

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