60 Decibels is a social impact measurement company, that talks directly to customers, employees or beneficiaries about social issues in more than 50 countries on behalf of impact focused investors and enterprises.

60 Decibels sources its social impact measurement data via short phone calls through a field of over 800+ remote researchers, where recipients are asked both quantitative and qualitative questions; these conversations are then turned into end individual-level impact performance data through the business’ proprietary methodology, with their technology enabled database increasingly allowing analysis, comparability and benchmarking within market segments. The business was jointly founded between the UK and US, with the management team split between London and New York, and with subsidiary operations in India and Kenya.

Why 60 Decibels chose FPE

“We are excited to be partnering with experienced technology investors in FPE. Their experience in growing data platforms and their strong track record made them an ideal partner with which to pursue our next phase of growth, delivering social measurement data in the rapidly growing and evolving ESG landscape.”

Sasha Dichter, CEO of 60 Decibels
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