5th Annual FPE Capital Growth Conference Banner
5th Annual FPE Capital Growth Conference Banner

5th Annual FPE Capital Growth Conference: Growing up and Growing out

LONDON: FPE Capital and all its current portfolio companies came together in Cambridge for the 5th annual FPE Capital Growth conference. The two day event, designed in conjunction with the Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, focused this year on the challenges of recruiting, retaining and managing distributed teams. Henry Sallitt, Co-Managing Partner, FPE Capital, commented, “All of our companies have people in multiple locations, or working remotely. This can be everything from offshore software development groups through to distributed sales teams. The challenges of creating a common culture, communicating and motivating people who aren’t sat in the same office is familiar to all of our management teams.” Over the two days, the attendees had the opportunity to work on projects together within their companies, but also to discuss and debate these issues with peers in the equivalent role at other businesses within the FPE portfolio. David Barbour, Co-Managing Partner, FPE Capital, said, “This programme, originally devised primarily for the CEOs and Chairs of our companies, and having 25 people in its’ first year in 2016, has grown to over 60 attendees in 2020. All of companies now choose to bring the core of their senior management teams along to network and learn. The room today had over 10 different nationalities represented, and it was exceptionally positive to see the level of engagement and sharing of solutions between our companies”.

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