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Clare Reynolds Chief Operating Officer Zest
IWD 2023: From Soap to Software and all things project management - Clare Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer, Zest
Yasmina Siadatan Dynamic Planner Sales Marketing Director
IWD 2023: From restaurants to FinTech – Yasmina Siadatan, Sales and Marketing Director, Dynamic Planner
Elizabetta Camilleri Chairman Togetherall
IWD 2023: From Tech Start-up to Board Advisor - Elizabetta Camilleri, Chair of Togetherall
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
How can CEOs harness the power of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to enhance customer value?
FPE Capital to continue selective MA to grow Codestone business offering 3
Chris Kay discusses our approach to value creation for portfolio company Codestone
Software and Service Partner resize
What are the characteristics of the most successful Microsoft Partners?
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Ingredients for B2B data success
Measuring Social Impact 60d
The need for social impact performance measurement
Edtech image
EdTech in schools: state of the market, challenges and opportunities
High Performance B2B Marketing Going 100% Digital
People at the heart of our Portfolio
FPE Capital Smaller Company Growth Survey 2019
FPE Capital Smaller Company Growth Survey 2018 shows companies strongly positive on growth, hiring and investment