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Wibre optimity Medium

Optimity CEO Anthony Impey named IOEE Small Business Apprenticemaker of the Year

The award was announced at the 2016 Celebrating Enterprise Awards, held at the House of Lords on Thursday 10th November.

The annual event was hosted by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) and brought together educators, entrepreneurs and other key figures from the UK’s small business, enterprise and skills sector.

The Small Business Apprenticemaker Award is given in recognition of an individual who has championed the apprenticeship model in their own enterprise and beyond, demonstrating a dedication to extolling the benefits of apprenticeships for learners, SMEs and the wider economy.

Anthony Impey is Founder and CEO of Optimity, a fast-growth business that supplies broadband using a pioneering wireless technology. He attributes the success of the business to making apprenticeships a core component of Optimity’s talent strategy. The entrepreneur is also passionate about developing talent for the tech sector more widely and started Tech City Stars and Tech Up Nation to help local young people ignite careers in East London’s tech sector. The gap between the tech sector and youth unemployment across his local community became the focal point for Anthony, whose ambition was to start building bridges between the two, offering jobs to local young people whose innate talent and skills were being lost. Anthony spends a great deal of time talking with small businesses and major enterprises alike about how apprenticeships can drive real business value and how they simply make excellent business sense.

Other individuals also nominated for this award included Debbie Bryan and Scott Bailey.

Anthony Impey said:

“I’m overwhelmed to have received this award, particularly given that the list of finalists have all made outstanding contributions themselves. It’s a real honour for me and the team at Optimity to be recognised for our commitment and dedication to developing world-class talent through our apprenticeships. I hope this inspires others to recruit apprentices to drive the growth of their businesses while also having an impact on their local community.”

Sophie Hardwick, Head of Apprenticeships at SFEDI Group, said:

“The way that Anthony and the Optimity team have taken the apprenticeship model and placed it at the very centre of their operations and long term business strategy is an inspiration. This really is a story with a win/win outcome for everyone and it’s a brilliant example of how the most successful enterprising people are those who can nurture a business while also making real, tangible investment in community wellbeing.”

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