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Sohonet announces November launch of on-the-go remote collaboration for creatives

Sohonet ClearView Flex enables secure, real-time collaboration for media & entertainment projects from anywhere

Los Angeles, CA – 25th October 2016 – Sohonet, the media and entertainment industry’s leading provider of networking and connected cloud services, has announced at the 2016 IBC show that its new remote collaboration service, ClearView Flex, will officially launch in November, 2016.

ClearView Flex – Sohonet’s latest addition to its growing Connected Cloud Services suite, allows creatives to stream live video sessions in real-time to multiple parties from anywhere on any mobile device or PC without the need to install and support software.

Consisting of a Sohonet-managed device that is connected to an editing station (or other real-time video source) and a cloud-based secure web application, ClearView Flex enables the administrator to invite viewers via a one-time URL, sent by the ClearView Flex service. Viewers need only to click on the link to start watching the real-time HD video stream. Offering key features such as end-to-end encryption, logging, session burn-ins and attendee management, the complete solution requires just a few minutes of training to use.

“Sohonet’s ClearView HD and 4K have become an irreplaceable resource for our customers to solve the dilemma of color-accurate, real-time collaboration for color grading and editing across distances. But our most frequently-requested feature has been to enable viewing of the remote session for collaborators who are on-the-go. Whether it’s a producer at Sundance or a director on set, anyone is just an email away from direct participation in real-time,” said Chuck Parker, Chairman and CEO of Sohonet.

Ben Roeder, CTO of Sohonet, added, “The challenge for making remote collaboration really useful is to eliminate the lag between what the viewer in the room sees and what the remote collaborator gets in a stream. We’ve created a system that adds only 2 frames (about 8 milliseconds) of delay, whilst maintaining the kind of session security that our studio customers require.”

“The mandate we gave our product team was to build ClearView Flex with all of the hallmarks of our other Connected Cloud Services: performance, security, reliability and our phenomenal 24/7 service. Based on feedback from our alpha and beta testers, ClearView Flex is an exciting addition to the Sohonet product family,” added Parker.

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