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It's our founding belief that the investment opportunity in the software ecosystem is huge and growing. We are completely focused on this opportunity, and we have collectively spent our careers building expertise in this sector. Each member of our team is encouraged to develop their individual knowledge and skill, and to share it across our team and our portfolio. This is supplemented by deep expertise from across our network of proven industry advisors and consultants.

Committed to the software sector

Software has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate and the way people lead their lives – and the best is yet to come.

The UK and Ireland are global technology leaders: our software sectors are valued at over $1 trillion in aggregate, making us the clear leader in Europe and ranking third globally behind only the US and China. This accomplishment is powered by a deep talent pool of more than 100,000 risk-taking entrepreneurs and 3 million highly skilled employees, all of whom are either building their own products and IP, or facilitating the use of the world’s best software solutions.

FPE actively contributes to the growth of the UK’s world-leading software sector by supporting founders, business leaders, and employees to navigate the next stage of their evolution. Read more here.

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We believe that the investment community has an important role to play in the formation of a sustainable and responsible global economy. We pride ourselves on our values of being Specialist, Committed, Knowledgeable, Empathetic and Fair, and these underpin our commitment to ESG responsibility and shape our approach as investors and partners.

As shareholders, we take our responsibilities to the company and to the wider world seriously. We ensure that ESG principles are at the strategic heart of a company, play a crucial role in investment decisions, and are pursued through good board governance and transparency. We are committed to investing in companies that not only achieve strong financial returns but deliver value to all stakeholders without causing environmental or social harm. The sectors we focus on – software, software services, and data companies – offer opportunities for profoundly positive impacts on people and planet.

We are a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), demonstrating our commitment to investing responsibly.

We are proud to have invested in a number of businesses that are driving positive environmental and social change:

At an individual and team level, we support and encourage charitable initiatives that are close to our hearts through charitable giving, fundraising, and pro bono support.